An Analysis of the Signification of the Sun from Vettius Valens’ Anthology Part 3

In Part 1, I discussed many different archetypal ideas related to the Astrological Sol, including references from Ptolemy, the Qabalah, ceremonial magic and astronomical observation. In part 2 I provided rationales for about half of the significations. Here I will continue the rest of them. Refer to Part 1 blog for images and information.


This signification is also a signification for Jupiter. While Jupiter may indicate judgement through fairness and balance (Jupiter being the Greater Benefit and the balance between the two Malefics in the Ptolemaic scheme of planetary temperaments), the sun may indicate judgement from someone who is in charge when aspected to Jupiter on in his domiciles, like a king or a dictator.

public reputation”

As the sun is the most notable astrological planet in the sky, I believe this is self-explanatory.


In the Greek text, this is quoted as “praxis”, which is just a simple action, it is more based on what one does in life, such as career or life purpose. This term is also a signification of the 10th House, which is the most public house, signifying career and potentially life purpose. This may be fitting as the sun is the most visible astrological planet.

 “authority over the masses”

 I relate this signification back to what was said for “kingship, rule”. Contrast this to the signification for the Moon, “gathering of the masses”.

the father”

The sun is masculine, and it emits energy. I relate this to what was said earlier about passing through the fertile Lunar spheres. Compare to the Moon signification, “the mother”.

the master”

Refer to ”kingship, rule” in part 2.


In my own personal opinion, I believe this may be more focused on friendships with important people or those in high positions, celebrities etc. given its proximity to “noble personages” and in relation to other significations of sol.

“noble personages”

In Brennan, this is quotes as “notable persons”. Much like the sun can overshadow the view of the other planets, this can signify people of note, such as celebrities.

“honours consisting of pictures, statues”

This signification may only be relevant if aspected to Venus or domiciled in one of her houses. Traditionally, portraits and statues were the luxury or the rich and people noteworthy.


This signification may also be relevant if aspected to Venus or domiciled in one of her houses. However, in Brennan this is quoted as “crowns of high office” which may not require a Venus connection.

“high priesthoods, <rule over> one’s country <and over> other places”

This signification may also be relevant if aspected to Jupiter or domiciled in one of his houses. It can be otherwise related back to “kingship” over religious institutions etc.

“Of the parts of the body, the sun rules the head”

This is an obvious connection to Aries (where the Sun is exalted), which rules the head.

“of the sense organs, it rules the right eye”

This can be related to the “all-seeing sun”. In many occult schools, the right eye is associated with the sun while the left, the moon.

“of the trunk, it rules the heart”

This is an obvious connection to Leo (where the Sun is domiciled), which rules the heart. Furthermore, when projecting the Qabalistic Tree of life onto the human body, Tiphareth represents the Heart.

“of the spiritual (i.e. the perceptive) faculties, the nerves”

Consciousness and the ego and by extension the nerves that cause us to perceive.

“Of materials, it rules gold”

In Qabalah and Alchemy, the sun and gold always go hand in hand. This colour of the Sun may heavily influence this.

“of fruits, it rules wheat and barley”

Probably in the times this test was written, fruit whet and barley were basic essential foods. Foods which provide vitality and energy, much like sol itself in astrology.

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